Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Java Version Numbering

Having developed numerous programs and applications using Java for many years, I was surprised to find a useful feature that had obviously been around for some time.

If you have a need to maintain and report a software version number from your code, it is as simple as adding the relevant entry in the archive manifest and using something like:

Package thisPackage = this.getClass().getPackage();
String swVersion = pkg.getImplementationVersion();

No idea why I hadn't spotted that before, but I guess that either the requirement hadn't come up (unlikely) or version numbering may have been maintained using a distinct Java class instead.

Of course, if you don't package in a Java Archive, or don't include the required information in the manifest, this will return a null string, but that is a different subject...

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Rut the Nut said...

I should also have indicated how you include version number information in the Manifest file.

See for details.

And the mismatch between 'thisPackage' and 'pkg' is a deliberate test to see if you are paying attention. Well, it might have been!