Friday, 4 July 2008

Retaining Staff

Reading a book by Gordon Ramsay recently, he puts a lot of his success down to the fact that he had a really good team of staff around him in the early days, and has continued with many of those same people as his business(es) have grown over the years.

One particular quote I like is:

Finding great talent, looking after staff and nurturing their talent is what we learned to do well. Losing good people is symptomatic of only one thing: truly crap, appalling and abysmal management.

I have to agree with this comments and principles, even though it is dressed up in the usual blunt Ramsay style of language.

Wherever I have worked, there really does seem to be a difference where some organisations do indeed look after their staff and reward them with a good environment, interesting roles and increasing responsibility. Not forgetting suitable pay awards, of course, which are one of (but definitely not the only) reason to work at your chosen career and company.

Just something to recall if you are ever seriously dissatisfied with your work environment and starting to feel under-valued or no longer appreciated. Maybe you don't deserve it, but it could just be a company culture that might fail it's staff in the long term.

Hopefully you aren't in this position though, and you have a happy workplace and good prospects. If not, think seriously about what you want and how you can benefit your company - or possibly taking those benefits to a more appreciative employer...

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