Sunday, 16 March 2008

Blogging for Writers, or anyone else

As a follow-on to my previous post, I found some relevant comments on regarding the use of blogging for writers.

The following series of three articles are provided to explain how writers or authors may want to set up and use blog sites for their own topics.

Looking over these articles, I have to say that although these are intended for writers, the comments and advice that they contain is more than relevant to any potential bloggers. After all, if you contribute to a blog, that makes you a writer.

If you are blogging, or just considering it, I think it is worthwhile considering the points discussed in these articles, such as:

  • Why Should I Blog?
  • What Should I Write About?
  • Who Is Your Intended Audience?
  • How Do I It Set Up ?
  • "About Me" and "Your First Post"
  • Length Of Posts, Frequency of Posting
  • Linking, Comments and Readership Interaction

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