Friday, 28 March 2008

Chartered IT Professional

As a professional member of the BCS (British Computer Society) for some years, I decided late last year to apply for Chartered IT Professional status, as I feel that represents my attitudes and role in the IT industry.

Glad to say, that request was accepted and that I can now use the letters 'CITP' after my name. It means I also need to pay attention to the code of conduct and to make sure I maintain the correct level of professionalism in my engagements and my future career progression.

However, if I had applied earlier in the year, I would have been able to read my name in a BCS feature in the Telegraph last February.

Not that my ego likes to see my name in the press, but it is nice to get recognition from as many different channels as possible. Maybe I can post an addendum next year if they list 2008 members awarded CITP status...

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Alastair Revell said...


CITP status is a (necessarily) hard qualification to obtain, which puts you on a par with the likes of Chartered Accountants and Chartered Surveyors.

Will you say you are a "Chartered IT Professional" when someone asks what your job is?

My colleague, Fiona Burgess recently wrote about the significance of being a Chartered IT Professional.

Alastair Revell
Managing Consultant
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